Service Providers Under Service Tax
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Service Providers Under Service Tax

Service provider is the one who renders service to others and normally the persons who receive services from these people are usually denoted as the Service Receivers. The persons who are engaged in providing service to your clients should examine the nature of the service and if the service provided come under the taxable services in consonance with the list. And the service tax providers should also examine if there is any sort of exemption either general or specific provided under notification. Generally the person rendering the taxable service is responsible for making the Service tax to the Government. 
Generally the service tax is payable on the stipulated amount for which the service has been rendered. The point is that if the tax of the service provider’s receipts exceeds Rs 8 lakh for the respective financial year, in that case he has to pay the service tax. On the other hand, if the receipts are at Rs 7 lakhs, then the service provider has to get registered under the service tax.
However, the Finance Act 2008 clearly states that the threshold limit of exemption for small service providers has been increased from Rs. 8 lakhs per year to Rs. 10 lakh per year. 
Main Service Receivers:
(1) Telephone
(2) Stockbroker
(3) General Insurance
(4) Advertising agencies,
(5) Courier agencies
(6) Radio pager services.
(7) Consulting engineers, 
(8) Custom house agents, 
(9) Steamer agents, 
(10) Clearing & forwarding agents, 
(11) Air travel agents
(12) Tour operators, 
(13) Rent-a-Cab Operators, 
(14) Manpower recruitment Agency, 
(15) Mandap Keepers, 
(16) Architects
(17) Interior Decorators
(18) Management Consultants
(19) Practicing Chartered Accountants
(20) Practicing Company Secretaries
(21) Practicing Cost Accountants
(22) Real Estates Agents/Consultants
(23) Credit Rating Agencies
(24) Private Security Agencies
(25) Market Research Agencies
(26) Underwriters Agencies
(27) Scientific and technical consultancy services 
(28) Photography
(29) Convention
(30) Telegraph
(31) Telex
(32) Facsimile (fax)
(33) Online information and database access or retrieval
(34) Video-tape production
(35) Sound recording
(36) Broadcasting
(37) Insurance auxiliary activity
(38) Banking and other financial services
(39) Port
(40) Authorized Service Stations
(41) Leased circuits Services
(42) Auxiliary services to life insurance
(43) Cargo handling
(44) Storage and warehousing services
(45) Event Management
(46) Cable operators
(47) Beauty parlours
(48) Health and fitness centers
(49) Fashion designer
(50) Rail travel agents.
(51) Dry cleaning services.
(52) Commercial vocational institute, coaching centres and private tutorials
(53) Technical testing and analysis (excluding health & diagnostic testing) technical inspection and certification service.
(54) Maintenance & repair services
(55) Commission and Installation Services
(56) Business auxiliary services, namely business promotion and Support services (excluding on information technology services)
(57) Internet café
(58) Franchise Services
(59) Transport of goods by road (earlier Goods Transport Operators service re-   introduced).
(60) Out door Caterer’s service (re-introduced)
(61) Pandal or Shamiana service (re-introduced)
(62) Airport Services
(63) Transport of Goods by Air Services
(64) Business Exhibition Services
(65) Construction Services in relation to Commercial or Industrial Building Construction Services in relation to Commercial or Industrial Building
(66) Intellectual Property Services
(67) Opinion Poll Services
(68) TV or Radio Programme Services
(69) Survey and Exploration of Minerals Services
(70) Travel Agent’s Services other than Rail and Air travel agents
(71) Forward Contract Services
(72) Transport of goods through pipe line or other conduit Services.
(73) Site preparation & clearance Services
(74) Dredging Services
(75) Survey & Mapmaking Services
(76) Cleaning Services
(77) Membership of Clubs & Associations
(78) Packaging Services
(79) Mailing list compilation & Mailing Services
(80) Construction Services in relation to Residential Complexes

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