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As a law company having experienced and expert advocates to guide you, approaching us for the legal related matters will be the finest choice that you can make in this regard. It is a fact that the legal aspects and issues are of utmost importance as they have direct bearing on the lives of the citizens and at the same time they should be dealt with sensitively and with much professional expertise. Here we can render you a yeomen’s service in dealing with multifarious segments of law in different categories with much professional skill and adeptness. The case with corporate laws need special attention for it is here that the professional expertise and guidelines are of utmost importance. A good professional agency dealing with your legal matters can make the real difference in the way that you resent your case before the concerned authority.
Law as an inseparable entity of society has direct and indirect bearing and relevance on all spheres of human life including social, political, economic etc.  The fact that law is a set of rules and regulation which need a healthy enforcement mechanism to implement it makes all the more important and it is needless to say that professionals with long years standing experience and perfect professional exposure can handle such situations and lead them to a logical and victorious conclusion. 
Our ambit of legal services include a vast  array of services including maritime law, litigation laws with regard to properties, legal nuances and provisions with regard to corporate and commercial work,  litigation with regard to property and arbitration, and intellectual property rights. We are well establishes in the fields like Investment, banking and Property law, will be much helpful for you. And we took full responsibility while addressing your legal issues and our talent pool of professionals will be at your disposal for any type of legal clarification to any other assistance connected with the legal matters.

We engage in all key aspects of Laws including all areas of corporate and commercial work, property related litigation and arbitration, Intellectual property and Maritime laws. We have well-established reputation in the field of Corporate and Commercial Law, Investment, Banking and Property law. We also engage in re possession of sticky assets by invoking provisions under Securitisation Act. The firm’s area of practice include:

  1. legal representation and litigation including cases under 138 of negotiable instruments act and under civil law; legal consultancy on retainer, banking law; Legal representation and counsel regarding banking and finance.
  2. Enforcement of Security Interest by secured creditor (Banks/Financial Institutions)
  3. Transfer of non- performing assets to asset Reconstruction Company, which will then dispose of those assets and realize the proceeds.
  4. Drafting of security/ loaning documents
  5. To provide a legal framework for the creation of security in favour of the banks.
  6. Corporate Finance and Security issues
  7. Enforcing security in favour of Bank to recover the outstanding amount.
  8. Litigation in Indian Courts/ Tribunal
  9. Drafting user agreements, security, loaning, service agreements, privacy policy statements, and allied documents for clients
  10. Company incorporation under the Companies Act, 1956.
  11. Trade Mark and Design registration under the Trade Marks Act, 1999.
  12. Provide the Paralegal service to the Registered companies.
  13. Issue of Compliance Certificate to the Registered Companies.
  14. Legal research.


Topics Under Legal Services

  • Legal Research and Litigation Support Our legal services in the sphere of legal research and litigation support stretches to international level and we render services in countries like India and other international points like the UK and the US. The highlight of the service offered by us is its precise nature coupled with professional expertise that can go a long way in helping you...

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  • Service Tax We provide valuable nuggets of information regarding the service tax that will be much helpful to you while dealing with the multifarious clauses and provisions of the tax items.  You will get ample services from our legal experts regarding the service tax in the form of tax alerts, accounting, finance, investment, legal, and other legal pr...

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